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Steps To Soften A Gray Hair


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A gray is very common among people who become old and sometimes it can occur when you are still young. There are few things that can be used to make the gray hair soft to get a really unique look. The texture of your hair will start the change when it turns gray, so give extra care during this case. The gray hair will be coarse that can make it look hard giving a very dull look to the hair.
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Take one quarter cup plain vodka and mix it with one quarter cup shampoo before using them on the hair. You can just use this mixture on the hair just like applying a normal shampoo on the hair. Then rinse the hair with warm water and get a final rinse with cold water. Use the deep conditioner on your hair once in a week after washing it with normal. Deep conditioner must be left on the hair for 10-15 minutes before getting a normal rinse. You must also drink more cps of water every day to make the hair shiny naturally. Water can keep yourself hydrated which is one of the main reasons behind a soft looking hair. Instead of drinking just water, you can add lemon into the water. When you are styling the hair try to add lot of gloss serum to keep the hair soft for a long time. Don’t use the serum over the scalp as it can make it look oily.

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