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Using Hair Gel To Create Curls


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Hair can be curled using different hairstyling products and the best hair product would be a hair gel. The hair gel can help create various hairstyles, but the curly hair can give really a good look. This product can be used to curl any type of hair without following any special technique. Hair gels are also the perfect choice to be sued on a coarse hair. Most of the hairstylists use this technique to create the curls all over your hair because you can create curls easily with any hairstyling tools.
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Use a good shampoo to wash hair and conditioner. Maintain your hair damp and divide it into three different parts such as two in the front and one at the back of the head. The number of sections created on the hair depends upon the style you are planning to achieve. Now take the hair gel in your hand and spread it at the section on the back of the head. Try to rake the fingers into the hair after using the gel all over the hair from root to end of your hair which can help to clump the curls together. You can simply twirl the hair parts using your fingers to achieve more defined hair curls. Leave the hair to dry naturally and if you want to finish it off very so use a hair dryer with low heat. Avoid scrunching your hair with your fingers as it can cause flyaways.

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