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Conditioning Hair Using Banana


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You hair can be conditioned various styling products, but use conditioning it with natural products can keep the hair healthy. One of the natural products for conditioning the hair is banana which is available in some of the hairstyling products. You can also take a banana to use it over the hair as a conditioning product. Instead of purchasing a hairstyling product with banana content, you can create your own banana conditioner to be applied on the hair.
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First take a banana without its skin and mash it up in a mixing bowl. You can just squish the banana using a fork and add honey into the bowl during the mixing process. Once the mixture turns into slightly brown batter you can just add this into the shampoo bottle. Use this product on the hair every time you are planning to condition the hair. You can just use the normal procedure for using this mixture on the hair as a conditioner. It is mainly known to be a good conditioner for the scalp as well as roots of the hair. Try to spread it completely all over the hair and rinse it as usual with normal water. If possible try to add a little amount of essential oil into the mixture to prevent the smell from the banana mixture. Now your hair will look shiny and you can also get rid of dandruff by using this method without spending too much time.

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