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Hairstyle With Partial Weave


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A partial hair weave can be a perfect hairstyle if you don’t want to sew the entire hair on top of the head. It has become a well known hairstyle all over the world as most of the women prefer to wear it on various occasions.
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To create the partial hair weave, first wash the hair at least two times with a shampoo before using the deep conditioner. After rinsing the hair use a blow dryer all over your hair. Now take a small part of hair near the crown and make another part line over the hairline on both the side as well as across back of your head. Keep these hair sections secured using hair clips and braid the remaining hair to create horizontal rows. Now try to sew the hair piece horizontally into the braids and make a double knot at the end of the thread. You can apply a little amount of hair oil on the scalp after the braid has been secured with a rubber band. Next cut a piece of the hair and double thread hair to sew it to your braids. Double knot thread once again and snip. Use the same steps till the entire braid is sewn in. At last take hair that was secured in the beginning and brush it with a normal comb. Add a little amount of standard oil all over the hair to make it lose and style the hair as per your wish.

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