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Straightening Hair With Lime Juice


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Straightening hair can be done with natural products without causing any damage to the hair. Having a straight hair has become a fashion in the present day and most of them use different tools for making the hair straight. You can just use a lime juice to straighten the hair with this simple process. This is one of the most simple and best to use it on the hair for making it straight, but it may take some time for the hair to become straight.
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To start the straightening process, take a bowl of milk and mix it with half cup lime juice. Make sure that both the products have been mixed in a proper way before placing it in a refrigerator. After this product becomes thick apply it over the hair from end to the root. Leave this product on the head for around on hour and make sure to cover it with a normal towel. You must repeat this process at least 3 times in a week for making the hair straight. Even though this method cannot make the hair straight immediately, try using it for weeks or till the hair becomes straight. You can also use only milk for straightening the hair or another option is using castor oil. These two products are also best to straighten the hair naturally as they cannot harm your hair. You must follow a proper method to make the hair straight whichever product is used.

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