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Taking Care Of Chlorine Green Hair


chlorine green hair chlorine green hair2
Green hair can occur not only due to chlorine pools, but with chemicals and other minerals in the swimming pools. The chemicals in the pool can build up in your hair changing the color of the hair to green. There are few simple techniques that can be used to remove the green hair. The green is easily noticed on the blond hair, so they must give extra care to their hair.
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First wash the hair with a shampoo that is made especially for the swimmers as it can take the green hue used in the chlorinated pool. But you must use the swimmer’s shampoo only once in the week over the hair to prevent the dryness in the hair. Another option is using vinegar for rinsing the hair. Take half vinegar and mix it with half water for rinsing the hair before washing it with a shampoo. You can also use ketchup than going for the vinegar and leave it on the hair for around twenty minutes. Then shampoo wash the hair and take the green color out of the hair. Spread the deep conditioner all over the hair after making the hair slightly damp and cover the head with swimming cap. Now the hair will be safe from the chlorine water in the swimming pool. In case you don’t to use a swim cap or deep conditioner before entering into the swimming pool, you must rinse the hair immediately after coming amount of the water.

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