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Methods To Cut An Afro Hair


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Cutting an afro hair needs special technique because of its original structure. The afro hair normally grows like corkscrew frissons with lot of bounce making it difficult to cut. It is very important to trim this type of hair at least once in a month to maintain it in a perfect manner. Try to keep the head still during the cutting process to prevent damage to your hair and get support from a friend while using the clippers around the neck. Here are few methods that must be used to cut the afro hair in a proper way.
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First take the clippers with a proper measurement length and move it around back of your neck from left to right toward the centre of your neck. You must also cut the sideburns with the same clippers and use higher level clipper if you are planning to create the fade cut. You must check your head on both the sides during the trimming process to create an even fade haircut. Try to keep the comb in your hand and work through main part of your hair. You can use the comb in your hair and make the clippers to follow them as you continue the trimming process. Always use clippers with high setting while moving around the back of your head which can provide a complete clean finish. Try to cut the hair in small amount or you may lose the texture spoiling y9our entire look.

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