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Removing Frizz From Synthetic Straight Hair


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A synthetic straight hair can become frizz due to various reasons and it may spoil your entire look. But you can make it controllable by removing the frizz by following few simple and easy steps. You must spend just a little time while dealing with this issue. It is important to wash the synthetic straight hair before washing it using a high quality hair shampoo before you start.
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First comb the synthetic hair using a normal hair brush after washing it fully clean using a good quality shampoo. Consult a hair specialist while purchasing the synthetic hair that is suitable for your hairstyle. Try to dampen the synthetic hair with water as it will be dry when compared to the natural hair. Try to wash the synthetic hair directly towards downward starting from crown of the head to end of hair roots to remove the basis things that cause frizz. Don’t dry the hair using a towel by rubbing it after getting the hair washed as it can easily make the hair to frizz. Avoid using any type of hairstyling products such as a blow dryer, perms, hair color, straightening irons and others on the synthetic hair as it can remove its longevity making it look frizzy. You can just use a little amount of serum while combing the hair down to control the flyaways and mist it with a flexible spray for maintaining it in the same during the entire day.

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