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Styling A Shiny Hair Weave


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Wearing a hair weave can be useful in many ways such as you can style it with any type of styling tools. Most of the people would select a human hair weave because it can give a natural shine to the hair, but they can be a little costlier. Instead of using the human hair weave, you can use synthetic hair weave that can look artificial. There are few ways that can be used to make the weave shiny to get a natural look without using any type of chemicals. Try to use baby powder to achieve this natural look if you really want the weave to look natural.
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To begin you must take a small amount of baby powder in your one hand and rub it along with the other hand. Now spread the baby powder in the hair weave strands with a gentle pressure just like massaging. Make sure to massage the baby powder into your hair weave strands starting from the root of the hair to end. Try to style the hair with the help of a hair brush just like styling the natural hair. Now your synthetic hair weave would have lost its shine which can give a completely natural look to the hair. In case you are not satisfied with the look that has been achieved, use this process once again over the entire hair weave and make sure not to over use it as you can spoil the complete look.

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