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Styling Hair With Sportin Waves


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Sportin waves are normally used to increase the waves in your hair. It is hair pomade that can be used on the natural hair to keep it lie flat on top of the head. There are two different ways to use the sportin waves which can be used as per your desire. The pomade can provide maximum hold to your hair in case it is used in a proper way. There is no need to panic while using this product on the hair as it is considered to be harmless. Just use the following technique for using the sportin waves on the hair for styling it in a proper way.
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Before starting the styling process, first wash the hair before using the conditioner on it and dry it using a normal towel. Start applying the sportin waves pomade in your one hand and rub it with the other hand. Try to apply it all over the head in the direction of your hair growth to create the wave pattern. You must use the pomade all over the head in a evenly manner and brush the hair towards direction of your wave pattern. Then place the wave cap on top of the head and leave it on for around half an hour. In case you want the waves to look good leave the wave cap overnight. Take the wave cap from the head and try to comb the hair as per your wish.

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