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Creating 360 Hair Waves Without Using Pomade


360 hair waves 360 hair waves2
Creating a unique looking hairstyle is liked by most of the people and one of such hairstyle is 360 waves. This hairstyle can be achieved by using various styling products, but the main product used to achieve this look is pomade as it is a special products made to create the 360 waves. You can also get this hairstyle done without using the hair pomade.  Try to keep all the necessary things ready before starting your styling method. You must hairstyling products such as a shampoo for washing the hair, normal hair conditioner, leave-in hair conditioner, do-rag and hair comb.
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As always start the hairstyling with a shampoo washed hair and apply a normal hair conditioner. Then make sure that your hair is dry before proceeding further and start applying the leave-in hair conditioner in your hands for spreading it all over the hair. Next comb the hair from middle of the head towards the hairline and place the do-rag on top of the head. Secure the do-rag in a proper way and leave it on for around 12 hours. Now you can take the do-rag out of the head and repeat the same technique once again for a week. You must use generous amount of leave-in conditioner to make this hairstyle look perfect. After setting the waves in your hair, try to cut the hair in direction of its growth using the 1.5 guard. You can comb the hair before creating the waves to prevent any flyaways.

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