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Steps For Straightening A Mixed Hair


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Having a mixed hair can be difficult to control as it will have different texture. This type of hair will also look dry without any moisture in it. In case you are planning to straighten the mixed hair try to follow a proper method to maintain the hair healthy.
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Begin the styling with a neatly washed hair and get a proper deep conditioning treatment. Make sure that the hair conditioner enters into the hair strands before rinsing the hair as usual. Use a towel for drying the hair with applying pressure on it. Then comb the hair to make it tangle free and apply a smoothing cream on your hair using your fingers only. Now use a blow dryer along with comb attachment for drying the hair by pulling it through each one inch parts of the hair. Now comb the hair once again and secure top layer of the hair on top of the head using a standard hair clip. Take a flat iron for straightening bottom layer of the hair and take the hair that was secured on top of the head to use the flat iron over it. Make sure to use the flat iron on one inch sections of your hair at one time and don’t brush the hair after this step. At last apply a smoothing cream once again all over the hair which can help to maintain the frizz and also add moisture in your hair.

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