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Styling Hair With White Streaks


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Adding white streaks in the hair can make your hairstyle look completely unique. There are many who like to highlight their hair with different colors, but adding white streaks in the hair can look beautiful. You can any type of color such as permanent or semi-permanent for adding white streaks in your hair.
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First make sure that your hair is cleaned properly with a shampoo and it must by dry. Now style the hair as per your desire before adding the white streaks on the hair. Then take a tin foil about 1 inch square size and pull the hair out that needs to be colored with white streaks. Use a normal hair comb for dividing the hair that will be colored. It is better to get help from a friend during this process if you are doing it for the first time. Now take a toothbrush for applying the color on your hair strands from root to tip of the hair. Don’t apply the color on your hair and do the coloring process very gently. You must cover each section of the hair with tin foil after using the color and this is very important to keep the color intact on the hair strands. Leave the color to dry on the hair for at least 30 minutes or follow the time mentioned on the coloring kit. Then take out the tin foil from your hair strands and style it as usual.

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