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Wearing Wigs With Pin Curls


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A wig is normally used to create different hairstyle without touching the natural hair. But it is most important to keep the natural secured in a proper way to place the wig on top of the head. You can just create pin curl with your hair before using the wig in a proper way. This will help to keep the natural hair secured properly in place without coming out of the wig. Before starting the styling process try to keep the hair products ready which includes fine-toothed comb, bobby pins, wig cap and a wig.
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First part the hair as usual and take one inch hair section for misting it with water. Now wrap the end of your hair in the index finger to create the curl and slide the other finger inside your coiled hair starting from bottom toward your scalp. Make sure to press the hair curl on top of the scalp before securing it using bobby pins. You can also use another bobby pin like a crisscross method to provide better hold to the hair curls. Start the curling at the front of your head and move horizontally across your head. After reaching the other end of the head, take another section of hair to work it in the same way. Use the same technique all over the hair in sections and at last keep wig cap using your both hands. Now you will be ready to place the wig on top of the head.

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