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Hairstyle With Blonde Streaks


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Having a hairstyle with blonde streaks can give a very interesting look for anyone. The blonde streaks can be used on any type of hair and it is also a perfect choice for any hair color. There is no need to go to a hair salon to achieve this look as you can do this at home. Do the hair color test first which is a very important process and then proceed with the coloring process.
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Begin the hairstyling with an unwashed hair by combing it fully to take out any tangles. Then create a part in the hair and divide the hair which will be colored. Try to wear hand gloves before staring the styling process as the hair color can be harmful to your skin. Before using the color on the hair strands use the hair color a single hair strand to look for any kind of side effects. Then place the highlighting cap on your head and pull the hair that needs to be colored from the hole on the cap. There will instructions written on the coloring kit that can be followed properly if you are doing this process for the first time. Leave the color on your hair as per the time mentioned on the kit and use clean water for rinsing the hair. Then use a heavy hair conditioner all over the hair and leave it for around 2 minutes before rinsing the hair once again.

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