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Messy Curly Updo


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A messy curly updo is a perfect hairstyle for a wedding and to achieve this look you must have a medium length hair. This hairstyle has been very popular among most of the women including celebrities. In this hairstyle, you will have messy curls all over the head that can give a casual as well as beautiful look.
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First mist the entire head using a texturizing hairspray after removing the tangles by brushing the hair. Then separate the hair from one ear to another and take two inch hair section from one ear for curling it with a curling iron. Try to curl the hair with the iron and leave it for ten seconds. Then pump the iron barrel to make the hair loose. Use the same method on the remaining hair section by section. Brush the hair with your fingers to make the curls loose to achieve a bigger updo. Now make a simple ponytail and divide it into four new sections. Start twisting your first hair section around the finger to create a bun near the nap of your neck and secure it using bobby pins near the scalp. Use the same technique on the other sections of your hair and make sure to secure it in place in a proper way. Look at the hair curls and if the curls don’t look good try to curl it once again. Now keep a veil on top of the head and wear a proper outfit.

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