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Methods For Treating Clogged Follicles


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Hair follicles that are clogged can become thin leading to hair loss. You can use few simple things to improve the hair follicles which include hair gels and vitamins. Try to massage the hair follicles to keep them in a proper way by increasing the circulation. There are many products that can prevent clogged hair follicles, but try to use natural hair products to stay away from further damage.
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First use saw palmetto by following the instructions about the dosage and you can also try a nettle root that is also known to be very effective in reducing the follicle. Try to use Aloe Vera hair gel for massaging it over the scalp as well as hair in the morning for around 5 minutes and leave it on for ten minutes before taking the bath. Another option is mixing a pinch of burdock, rosemary and sage together for boiling it. Once the mixture becomes cool mist it all over the hair and massage it for 5 minutes. You can leave it on the hair without washing or try to wash it if you feel uncomfortable. There are also specially developed shampoos that features jojoba oil which can prevent hair fall. Try to massage the scalp while using the shampoo which can increase the blood circulation in the hair follicles leading to better hair growth. Make sure to purchase the right product while using it over the hair by consulting a hair specialist.

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