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Naturally Adding Volume To Straight Hair


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Hair can look thin when it is straightened and you can easily increase the volume by following various methods. There are few techniques that involve chemicals for adding volume to your hair, but you can increase hair volume in a straight hair by following few simple and natural methods. Most of the people want to add the volume in their hair by using few natural products because using chemical product can cause serious damage to the hair which can also lead to hair fall.
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The most commonly used natural product on the hair for increasing the volume is an egg. To use egg on the straight hair, take one raw egg in the bowl if you have short hair and two raw eggs for longer hair. Start applying the raw egg on the hair and cover the entire head with a normal towel. Leave the egg on your hair for around 20 minutes before getting a rinse with cold water. Use a standard shampoo for washing the hair and you can notice the increase in hair volume. Another option is using beer for adding volume to the straight hair which is also known to be a natural method. Take a medium heated beer on a sauce pan and leave it cool on its own. Then take one cup shampoo and mix it along with the beer. Now use the mixture on the hair as you would use a normal shampoo and rinse it well.

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