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Steps For Trimming Your Long Hair


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Having a long hair can be used for different hairstyling purposes, but sometimes they can grow with flyaways. You can easily deal with such problems by getting the long hair trimmed to maintain it in a proper way. The long hair must be trimmed on regular basis for keeping it in a proper length.
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Before starting the trimming process you must known how much hair must b trimmed. Then brush the hair in front of the head and at the sides. Try to make a center part on your head before combing the hair to keep the trimming process simple. Take your hair upwards near nape of your neck and secure the left out hair in a clip. Next create three sections at the back of your head and start trimming each hair sections by using the fingers as your guide. You must trim only ¼ inch of hair at the end and use the same method on the remaining part of your hair. Each hair sections must match perfectly to prevent uneven hair cutting. Now you can go to the top and side sections by brushing them down. Start the trimming process from left side of the head and move to the right very gently. At last look at your entire hair for evenness and in case you find any uneven place just use the scissors for trimming process. Don’t cut the bangs if you have and make them fall on their own.

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