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Styling Hair With Butterfly Braid


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A butterfly braid is a very unique way of styling the hair which is liked by most of the people especially by kids. Even though there are different hairstyles with the braid, this one can really make you look cute. Don’t wash the hair prior to the hairstyling process as it can cause flyaways. Make sure to create the braid depending upon the size of the hair. If you want to keep the hair clean before the styling, try to wash it a day earlier.
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First take two inch hair section and make a three-strand braid. Then collect remaining hair to create low ponytail at the side of the head near nape of the neck. Make a hole on top of the ponytail with the thumb from back of the head. Pull a tail of the ponytail for sending it through hole that was created and then divide another two half inch hair sections and leave rest of your hair to hang loose. Start braiding all the three hair pieces to create a simple three-strand hair braid. Try to loop two the smaller braids through hole from the back side of the head to front which will be used as wings in your butterfly braid. Leave the braid that was created with your remaining ponytail and drape it over the shoulder. Secure the end of the hair using an elastic band and mist the entire hairstyle using a spray to keep it in place.

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