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Add Bounce To Your Straight Weave


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Making a straight hair bouncy can give a very beautiful look and you must follow a proper method to achieve this. The hair may lose its bounce as it observes dust and airborne particles. Here are few steps such as washing, moisturizing, conditioning and others that can help to add the bounce in your hair. You can also do the same with the hair weave to add bounce in it and make sure to get a human hair weave.

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To start the styling, comb the hair weave with the help of a paddle brush and then wash the hair using a good shampoo. Ask your hairstylist about washing the hair before you do it at home. Try to rinse the hair thoroughly before moving onto the next step. Then brush the hair once again to take the tangles out and have a look at your entire hair weave. Add a small amount of light hair moisturizer and divide your hair into different parts. Now take small sections of your hair to make it straight using a flat iron and get help from a friend during this process to prevent damage to the hair. Don’t use lot of hair products after using the flat iron on the hair and just mist it with a little amount of light spray. Now you can style the hair as per your desire and try to cover the hair with a scarf before going to bed in the night.

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