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Coloring Hair With Shampoo Color Cap


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A shampoo hair color cap is a perfect way to add color to your hair which can easily make your hairstyle look attractive. But the main thing while coloring the hair is maintaining it in the same way for a long time. The most important thing in maintaining the colored hair is making the roots look good. Don’t use a normal shampoo while washing the colored hair to maintain your hair in a perfect manner. Consult your hair specialist before using the shampoo color cap on the hair at home to select the best method.
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To begin the hairstyling process, first take one tbsp hair color and mix it with 1 tbsp color-safe shampoo. Use a small bowl to mix both the items and make sure it is mixed properly using an applicator brush. Start applying the shampoo mixture over the hair ends using the same applicator brush and try to massage it over the hair roots gently just like using a normal shampoo. Leave the mixture on the hair for around ten minutes and leaving it for a long time can also give a great finish. Now you can rinse the hair and use a normal shampoo for washing it again. Then use a hair conditioner in a proper way all over the hair and style it however you want. You can also try using the color enhancing hair conditioner all over the hair to maintain it in a proper way.

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