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Creating Poof Hair Without Teasing


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A poof hair is normally achieved by teasing the hair with a comb. But you can also create this look without teasing the hair. The poof hairstyle is known to be one of the most sophisticated way of styling the hair that can give a completely sleek look. You must use you bangs to achieve this hairstyle without teasing the hair. Make sure that the bangs are dry to create the poof look. Use the root lifting hairspray to achieve this hairstyle without going to a hairstylist.
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First comb the hair and collect bangs in your hand for taking it upward. Brush the bangs using your fingers and add the root lift gel at the back of the bangs till the root. You can also mist the bangs with a root lifting hairspray, but make sure that it will make the hair look sticky. You can make the hair stand up just like it has been teased with a comb. Now take the hairdryer with medium heat to use it over root area and the hair will receive extra volume once it becomes fully dry. Take your hair back without putting too much pressure on it and keep it secured using bobby pins. Pull your hair poof upward over the forehead for creating the height and lift your hair gently using the end of rat-tail comb. At last spray your hair with a light-hold spray for maintaining the height of your hair.

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