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Hairstyle With A Big Crown Hair


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Creating a big crown with your hair can give a voluminous look. There are different hairstyling products that can be used to create this hairstyle. You can use a simple styling method along with basic styling tools to achieve this look, but don’t use this method on regular basis. Also don’t wash the hair on the day of the styling and make sure that your hair is fully dry before starting the process.
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Comb the hair normally to prepare the hair for styling and make a one inch part from back center of your crown area. Try to lift the hair section up and take it away from your head at the front of the head. You can do this by keeping the comb about 2-3 inches from hair roots just below the hair. Mist the hair toots with a light hairspray and backcomb the hair from top to bottom of the head. Now take a hair section behind the part that was backcombed and do this process once again.  Continue this process all over the crown area on your head and side as well. Try to backcomb this section over and over till it reaches desired height. You can comb the hair as per your desire, but at last make sure that your crown area looks uniform. Now comb the hair on top of the crown to make it smooth and mist it with a spray to get into the look.

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