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Hairstyle With Feather Razor


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A feather razor is a perfect tool to create a feathering hairstyle with texture. It can also make the bags look soft along with layered hair. The feather razor can be used on any type of hair to create the feathering look and make sure to your hair is more than one inch long to use this tool in a perfect way. You can use the feather razor to get one of the most dramatic look that is worn by celebrities.
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First you must rinse the hair after washing it normally and applying a hair conditioner. Make sure there is no shampoo or soap buildup on the hair after washing it. Then dry it using a towel and use fine toothed hair brush for combing the hair. Try to take out small parts of your hair using the same brush which will be used to create the feather look. Keep the hair in between the feather razor blade and index finger. Adjust height of your blade to make it matchup to the length of your feather hair that will be created. In case you want to create the feather look with small amount of hair, keep the blade about one inch over the hair before cutting and to create a unique feathered look, keep your blade far away from end of the hair. Try to slide your blade gently towards downward at 90 degree angle and use the same technique once again if needed.

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