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Styling Hair Using A Mizani ThermaSmooth


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The Mizani ThermaSmooth is mainly used in a salon by professional hairstylist. This tool is mainly used to control the frizzy and curly hair. It is considered to be one of the best tool to be used on a colored hair which has been relaxed already. You must always use the same hair product while styling the hair.
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To use this tool, first wash the hair using a Mizani Thermasmooth hair shampoo and rinse the hair completely. Cleaning the hair is very important in this process which will be useful in keeping the styling product on the hair perfectly. Then dry the hair using a normal towel and apply a Mizani Thermasmooth hair conditioner all over. Brush the hair fully to spread the hair conditioner throughout the hair. Leave the hair as it is for about five minutes before getting it rinsed with cool water. Try to make the hair smooth with the Mizani Thermasmooth smoothing serum after the hair becomes dry and divide your hair as four parts to blow it in sections. Make sure to secure the hair parts individually using hair clips and take one by one to use the blow dryer. You must use the blow dryer till the hair becomes fully smooth. At last mist the entire hair with Thermasmooth shine anti-humidity hairspray to complete the styling process. In case you hair too much curly try to mist it with additional hairspray to get into the look.

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