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Hairstyle With Side Bump Bangs


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The bump bangs are one of the most beautiful hairstyle that can be created with any type of hair. The bump can be achieved in three different ways and you can do this without going to a hair specialist. The bangs can be sent in any side of your head. Make sure to use a simple method to achieve this look in a proper way.
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First comb the bangs in front of the head and make sure it is tangles free. Then take the bangs in your one hand and then take it upward. Now your opposite hand for back-teasing your bangs around root area and to do this back-tease the hair using a fine tooth hair brush and tease back roots in the bangs down to make it look ratty. Keep the hand on your bangs and try to pull it back toward near crown of the head. Use the other hand to pull the hair forward for making the bump look bump. Secure your hair using mini jaw hair clips and try to smoothen the stray bangs to make it smooth. At last mist the entire hair with a hairspray to make the hairstyle look good. Make sure to use the spray over the hair roots in case you are taking the entire hair at the crown of your head.  In case you are trying to create a side bump take the entire hair toward the side of the head.

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