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Renaissance Floral Headband


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A renaissance floral headband is a perfect hairstyle for a special event such as a wedding. In this hairstyle, the flower wreaths will be cascading from back of your headband as it is considered to be a perfect accessory for creating this beautiful look.
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First cover the ribbon around the head and cut it as per your desire. Keep the ribbon flat on the surface and stretch wire to the side of the ribbon. Create a circle with the wire by just overlapping its ends. Wire frame it over the head and adjust wire to fit the headband. Take about 12 inches ribbon and clip it against back of your wire frame as well as unwind the ribbon. After wire band is covered with the ribbon and take another 12 inches ribbon before cutting the end. Remove your hair clip from first length in the 12 inch ribbon. Tie both the ribbons together at back of your wire and make a knot using the glue. Use the same glue to secure silk flowers over the headband to create the flower wreath. Use more ribbon on the flowers and move it way around your headband and make another knot. Now add the decorative bow over your headband and wrap loose ribbons near the back of your headband. You can use this headband on top of the head as per your wish and make sure to match it with proper outfit to make it look good.

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