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Styling Hair With Layered Side Part


layered side part layered side part2
Creating a hairstyle with layered side part can give a completely new experience and it can be achieved without any special tools. A layered hair can be a great choice for those who have thin hair as it can help o add volume in the hair. Creating layers in the hair with a side part is just like styling hair with other layering methods.
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Begin the styling with a wet hair and brush it straight back before making the horizontal part. Now take parted hair forward over the forehead for cutting it from your ear in the straight line. Then take the section up in between the middle as well as index finger to snip its edges in a simple straight line. Use this method on rest of your hair and part the hair as usual. Next comb the horizontal part upward for sliding it between the index and your middle finger for trimming the hair ends over the fingers. Make the hair to fall as usual and secure the remaining hair. Now you must make another part perpendicular to your opposite side of first part that must reach till the other ear. Brush this part straight up cut it in the same way by taking it with your index and middle finger. You must snip the hair ends in a simple straight line and continue to section the hair and cutting about half inch hair till you reach the back of the head.

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