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Hairstyle With Parallel Braid


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Creating a parallel braid in your hair can be a perfect hairstyle for any kind of special event. You can achieve this look by spending some time at home by getting help from anyone. Try to ad ribbons in the braid to make it look more attractive. It is a part of renaissance hairstyle that is worn by most of the women from a long time. In the early days, it was part of a tradition where most of them used to wear only for special occasions, but now a days it can be worn with any type of long hair.
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To create the parallel braid, first take a ribbon and weave it as two different parallel parts. Then separate your hair as two sections from close to your scalp. Start wrapping end of your ribbon in one of the section of the hair as usual and take the second hair section for wrapping the ribbon in a figure eight way to make cover the entire second section. Make sure that the section is below your ribbon in first section and it must also lie flat. Continue the weaving process with the ribbon around both the two sections till you get to end of your hair. Secure your ribbon using a hair pin to achieve the checkered pattern. Use the ribbon in a proper way to achieve this look and make sure to follow a simple styling technique to achieve it easy.

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