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Steps To Make Brassy Hair Appear Light


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A brassy hair can occur due to oxidation and it is very common among brunette and red hair. The undertones in the hair will create lighter locks that can give a brassy look. You can follow a simple method for making the brassy hair look light.
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The first option is going to a beauty hair supply store to select purple-tone shampoo as it can easily control the brassiness in the hair. Then wash the hair using the purchased purple shampoo for two times during a week to remove the brassy look in the hair. Another option is using professional hair lightener along with a color developer packet. This packet will feature all the materials which can help to control your brassy appearance. You can also use violet or blue-base lightener to counteract the hair brassiness that is left out after washing the hair with purple shampoo. Use the developer as well as lightener in a proper way on the hair by following the directions mentioned on the packet. Wear gloves to cover your hand and use this mixture directly over the hair. Then cover the head with shower cap and leave mixture on the hair not more than one hour. Next rinse your hair and apply color-safe conditioner all over the hair before rinsing the hair once again. Use blonde toner on the hair at least once in 4-6 weeks to make the hair light and mist the hair to reduce the brassy color.

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