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Straightening Hair With Easy Straight System


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Easy straight is a hair straightening system that is considered to be less expensive when compared other similar hair straightening tools. It can be used by anyone by sitting at home without getting any help from anyone. This system can be used on any type of hair without causing any damage to it.
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First clean your hair by washing it completely using a conditioning shampoo and dry it with a towel. Then make six parts in your hair and keep them secured using hair clip. Now pull the first part in front of the head to spread a straightening cream. Leave the creamed section for about half an hour and start massaging other section with the cream. Next rinse your hair using tepid water to remove the straightening cream. Try to blow dry the hair without using a comb and flatiron each section to make them straight. Now use a neutralizing solution all over the hair and leave it on the hair as per the time mentioned on the kit. Rinse your hair once again with tepid water for around 3 minutes and add use a conditioning shampoo before rinsing the hair. You must use the rinsing process on the hair repeatedly and apply a moisturizing reconstructor. Keep the plastic cap on top of the head for around 30 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. At last dry the hair as usual with a towel and blow dry the hair before styling it as per your wish.

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