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Using Clay For Treating Hair


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Clay is normally used in a spa for treating the hair as well as scalp. It is known to be a natural hair product that can remove dandruff, dirt and oils from the scalp to make the roots strong. The clay can be used on the hair to make it smooth and also tangle free. You can use the following method for treating the hair with clay. Try to get the clay from a natural health store which is available in two types such as Rhassoul clay suitable for dry hair and Bantonite clay suitable for oily hair.
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First take clay in a bowl and mix it with water to make it like pancake batter. Then wash the hair using warm water and don’t use a shampoo at this time. Take the clay in your fingertips and use it on one part of the hair and scalp to look for any reaction. Then gently massage it over the hair all over the head completely. Next spread the clay over the hair strands completely using your fingertips. Leave the clay on the hair for around half an hour and use warm water for rinsing the hair. Use a normal towel for drying the hair once the hair has been rinsed without any clay on the hair as well as scalp. Try to follow a normal clay treatment at least once in a week for treating the hair and scalp to keep them healthy.

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