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Messy Bedhead Hairstyle


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To create a messy bedhead look you must follow a proper method which involves a tricky styling. You must try to do a choppy haircut in the hair to achieve this look in a proper way. This hairstyle is worn by men as they have short hair and women who like to keep their hair messy can go for this hairstyle. Go to a saloon to get the proper haircut to create the messy bedhead hairstyle.
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To achieve this look, try to get a shag haircut with tousled layers. Try to keep the hair short at the back and long in the front to create this hairstyle. Then blow dry the hair normally to shape the shag look and apply volumizing root hair spray before using the blow dryer. You can also use the feathering technique for creating volume in the hair and blend the layers into the hair. Maintaining this hairstyle is very important and you must wash the hair everyday using a normal hair shampoo. Try to add highlights or lowlights on the hair strands with this hairstyle to make it look completely unique. You can use one or more colors on the hair strands and avoid using the color on the roots. Use hair products such as hair gel or wax for styling the hair as they can give a shiny look. All these hairstyling products can also add texture along with mussed up look that can make your hairstyle attractive.

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