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Methods For Testing Porosity Of Hair


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Hair porosity is very important to keep it strong and healthy. Testing the porosity of your hair can help to treat the hair properly. Porosity is a process how the hair absorbs normal water. By knowing the hair porosity, you will be able to decide about using the right product to maintain the hair properly.  There is no need to use any type of special styling tool to know the porosity of your hair as it can be done with usual styling techniques. Keep all the things ready before beginning the styling process which includes shampoo, conditioner and a normal towel.
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First wash the hair as usual and use the conditioner all over. Then take a small hair strand using the index finger and your thumb. Use both the fingers to move through the hair shaft from end of your hair till the root. Now you will be able to know the hair porosity as a porous hair will catch your hair down the shaft and a normal porous hair will smooth down hair shaft without any problem. The hair will feel slick if you have a low porous in it. You must your finger to repeat the process again and again to know the porosity on your hair. Determine hair porosity every time you use this process once again. Avoid using any type of styling products on the hair while checking the porosity as it can make the hair to damage.

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