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Piecey Hairstyle


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Piecey hairstyle is a very easy to achieve which will look completely messy. It is important to cut the hair in a proper way to achieve this look and you must use a little amount of pomade during the styling process. Get help from someone who has experience in cutting the hair if you are doing this for the first time. You can also create this hairstyle with a hair gel instead of using the pomade. This hairstyle will look with any type of hair from long to short and curly to wavy.
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To create the piecey look in your hair, first start cutting the hair with layers which is a very important process in this hairstyle. You can create short or long layers with your hair before washing it as usual. Then apply pomade all over the hair from top to bottom of the hair. Make sure not to use the hair product on the scalp because it can spoil your entire look. Use your fingers to slide the hair in different ways to create the piecey look and take out the excess pomade from the hair as it can cause clumps. Leave the hair to dry on its own without using any type of hair during tool. Try to achieve the piecey look in a natural way without using any special styling tools. At last try to mix the piecey hair with the rest of your hair so it doesn’t look artificial.

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