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Styling Hair Using Mascara


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Using mascara on your hair can give a completely different look and you can select any type of color to use it over the hair as it is available in different options. The mascara is used on the hair by most of the women as it can easily come out of the hair with a simple wash. You must use the mascara on the hair part by part and decide the hairstyle that you are going to wear before using the mascara.
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To apply the mascara on your hair, first comb the hair to make it smooth and create a simple hairstyle that is suitable for you. For applying mascara on an updo, start from the top section of hair. To use mascara on the ponytail, take small part of hair which you would like to apply the mascara. Add the mascara on each part of your hair from close to the root and move to the end of the hair. You can use the mascara once again on the hair part if the color doesn’t look bright, but make sure not to overuse it as it can make the hair look ugly. Take another hair part from other side of the head which must be of the same size as the first part for using the mascara. You can continue to add the mascara in the hair by pulling the strands out of the head before styling the hair as per your desire.

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