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Creating Curls Using Conair Curlers


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Conair curlers are the best tool to achieve unique looking hairstyle with any type of hair. In this hairstyle, you will spirals all over the hair in various sizes. Curling hair using the Conair curlers can be done very easily and without spending too much time. You must just add the curlers in the hair when it damp and leave them to dry to achieve this look.
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Begin the styling with a newly washed hair and mist it with water once the hair becomes fully dry. Add a curl-enhancing gel all over the hair using your hands and distribute it evenly throughout the hair. Divide the hair and keep them separated using hair clips. Now take top hair layer and section it using hair clip. Use small Conair curlers to create tighter curls and large curlers to create loose curls. Start attaching the curlers at one section in one time from the bottom layers. In case you have a short hair use thicker parts of hair and attach the curler with the attachment in the Conair curlers after rolling the hair in it. Take the attachment out and keep the hair from bottom of the head. Now keep the curler just below the hair for rolling it inward and continue to attach the curlers all over the hair in the same manner. Once the hair becomes dry take the curlers out and leave them to fall on their own before misting it with a hold spray.

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