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Maintaining Healthy Hair Cuticle


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Having a healthy hair cuticle is very important to maintain the locks in a perfect shape. You must take care of the hair in a proper way to keep it healthy or they may look very dull. Having damaged cuticles can also be one of the reasons behind a dull looking hair and you can use the following method while dealing with such hair.
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The most important thing in maintaining the hair cuticle healthy is following a proper diet. Try to consume lot of vegetables as well as fruits along with food products that have protein. There are also few vitamins that can improve the hair growth. Be careful while brushing the hair to remove the tangles and don’t put too much pressure on the hair as they can damage them easily. Avoid using too much of hairstyling tools such as flat iron, blow dryers, electric curlers and curling irons as they can easily damage the hair due to the excessive heat produced by these tools. Always wash the hair with gentle shampoo and condition it with a deep conditioner. In case you want to style the hair with chemicals try to apply a hair serum to prevent them from entering into the hair cuticle. Don’t wash the hair daily with a shampoo and wash the hair that is oily only when you think it has become dirty. Try to rinse the hair with normal water and use a conditioner without fail.

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