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Styling Hair With Blending Clipper


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Blending clipper can be a best option while cutting the hair at home and it is mainly used by men when compared to women. The blending process will take few minutes if you do it in a proper way using the clippers. But try to get some practice before using the blending clippers fulltime on your hair. You must blend the hair with the remaining hair after getting a haircut at home to make it look even all over the head. It may consume some time for most of them who are using this process for the first time, so be patient till you get it right.
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First take the guide comb that will be available in the clipper kit after deciding the length of your hair and add it at the end of your clippers. Then keep your guide comb at the back side of your head and make it stick flat on your head. Move the clippers on top of your head and go to the back of the head using your hand while reaching the blending point and make sure that top of your guide comb will be pulled straight away from your hair. Use the same technique while moving your clippers up over the head in smooth motion. Repeat this process by making the smooth motion in the same point over your head every time you reach this point to make the blending point same across your head.

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