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Treating A Thinning Relaxed Hair


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Relaxing a thinning hair can give a hard time for most of the people as it can damage the hair. You must follow a proper styling technique while making the thinning hair straight. Be very careful while using this method and consult a hair specialist before undergoing this process. Using chemical relaxers can easily break down your hair while straightening it, so stay away from them whenever possible.
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Get a proper haircut to avoid the thinning hair from getting damaged. The new hair that grows after the haircut will be thick and free from chemicals. Use a detangling comb to brush the hair before starting the styling process and avoid using too much hair products. Stay away from thermal stylers and use only flat irons if needed during the styling process. Don’t wash your hair too much and if you want to do it wash the hair in alternate days depending upon the product buildup on your hair. Over processing the hair can also result in thinning and frequent use of hairstyling products that feature chemicals can also cause hair thinning. Try to trim the half inch hair at the end to make it free from split ends. Massage the hair with oil which can help to improve the blood flow into hair follicle. There are also lot of hairstyling products that can make the hair smooth that is used while straightening the hair, make sure to select the best one suitable for your hair type.

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