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Coloring A Japanese Straightening Hair


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A Japanese straightening is the best hair straightening method that is expected to cause less damage to the hair when compared to other straightening techniques. In case you are planning to color the that has been straightened with a Japanese straightening method, try to follow a proper method for making it look good. Try to get a hair coloring product to use it over the hair and wear hand gloves while applying color on the hair.
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Start the styling after combing the entire hair and make sure that you don’t have a frizz hair. Take small strands of hair and wrap it with a tape to keep it in place and start mixing the hair color that will be used on the hair. Make sure to purchase a proper hair coloring product after consulting a hairstylist to prevent any kind of damage to the hair. Apply the hair color all over your hair and leave it to set for about 2o minutes and rinse the entire hair using normal water. You can also mix hair color along with a developer and use it over the hair from root to end. Then leave the hair for around 20 minutes to make the color to set on the hair before moving to the rinsing process. At last use protein reconstructive hair product all over the hair and leave it for ten minutes and then use a hair conditioner. Leave the hair for another 5 minutes and do a final rinse.

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