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Creating Scrunch Hair Using Gel


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A scrunch looking hairstyle can give a simple and carefree look which can be worn with any type of hair. You can get this look by using various types of hairstyling techniques and one of the simple way to create this hairstyle is using a hair gel. You must bend your head upside down to make the hair to fall down as your scrunch it using the hands.
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As usual you must start the styling with a cleanly washed hair and make sure to condition it without fail. Once the hair becomes dry cover the entire head with a normal towel for 15 minutes. Then comb the hair to take out the tangles and start using the hair gel all over the hair. You must cover the entire hair with the gel and mist it with a defrizzing hairspray. Both these hair products must be used only over your hair and keep them away from your scalp. Try to use the blow dryer and diffuser with low heat all over the hair as you scrunch the hair with your finger. Continue to scrunch the hair using your hands till the hair gets to its shape.  At last mist the entire hair once again with a spray which will make it to stay in place after drying. You can also use the curling iron for adding some structure to the hair as it dries. A straight hair can give a hard time if you style it in this way.

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