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Steps To Make Black Hair Straight


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Having a naturally black hair can look dull if you wear it for a long time, so most them will try to straighten the black hair to make it look unique. You must follow a proper hairstyling method while make the black hair straight to prevent any damage to the hair. You must use a blow dryer and a flat iron to make the black hair straight or go to a hairstylist to get help for making the hair straight in a better way.
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First wash the hair before conditioning it and keep the hair moisturized to prevent any damage caused by the straightening tool. Then make a small part in your hair and blow dry each of them using a blow dryer with medium heat which is a very important process in the straightening method. Now you must use heat protectant cream all over the hair and apply a leave-in conditioner which can help to keep the hair safe from heat while straightening it. You can select a flat iron for making your naturally black hair straight and make sure to get suggestions from a hair specialist before using the tool. Begin the straightening process with a low setting and don’t go beyond medium setting. Make sure to make use the flat iron on the hair in sections and run it at least twice to make the hair perfectly straight. Then cover the hair with a satin cap before going to bed to maintain the hair straight.

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