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Taking Care Of Burn Caused By Flat Iron


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A flat iron is mostly used by people who want to make their hair straight and in case they use the tool for a long time it can burn the hair. The flat iron is known to be one of the best tool for straightening the hair, but you must give extra while using it. It can cause burn in places such as neck as well as face if you are not much careful while using it. Try to get help from a hairstylist or a friend while using the flat iron for safety.
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Try to use the flat iron from outside the hair and move the body to prevent burns. This is the best way to use the flat iron to stay away from burns. In case you have burned yourself while using the flat iron try to treat it immediately to prevent any kind of marks on the skin. You must use cold water as soon you the burn occurs and make sure to apply the cold for at least 15 minutes which can help to prevent swelling. The next step is to cover your burnt area with bandage which can prevent the hair from falling on the area. In case you have not satisfied with this treatment go to a doctor or take over-the-counter tablets to relive the pain. Look for any infections after getting the proper treatment for flat iron burns and you must seek immediate medical attention.

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