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Hairstyle With Afro Hair Wrap


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Afro hair wraps are the best way to cover your hair to prevent the hair from getting dry during hot climates. In this style, the entire hair will be wrapped with cloth which will be vibrant in color. It is also considered to be a tradition way of styling the hair in the present day. Before using the cloth for styling, try to use the spray starch over it to keep it stiff.
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To use afro wrap, first take the entire hair up and secure it using pins. You can also create the ponytail wrap over the head. Make sure hair wrap will be worn close to the sides of your head and loose on top. Now take a rectangular cloth about six inches wide and keep it in your hand at the back of your head. Slide this cloth to keep more length over the right side of your head and keep the left side length short. Now pull left side of the cloth and drape it over your head as well as on top of your cloth on right side of the head. Next drape your right side just over left side of your cloth and hold right end of your cloth below left at the back of your head. The cloth must be able to take a V shape near the front of the hair. You can leave top end of your left side as it is over the top of your head.

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