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Hairstyle With V-Shaped Straight Layers


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Creating a v-shape straight hair can give a unique look for anyone with any type of hair. Most of the people would think achieving this hairstyle can be difficult, but it can be created with a proper hairstyling method. You must comb the hair properly using a normal hair brush before starting the haircutting process to prevent uneven layers.
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First comb the hair to detangle the hair strands and make sure that there are no tangles in your hair before proceeding with the hairstyling. Bend the head down and comb your hair forward from nape to end of the hair. Now collect the hair in your hand for pulling it forward as well as down. The front hair will become the closest and back of the hair must stay far from you. Try to create the blunt cut using shears with a straight across to create the wider V-shape and try to angle your shears from top front hair to down to create the point V-shape along with shorter hair layers. Make sure to cut bunch hair in same direction in which you want to create the v-shape. Begin the haircut from close to your head and move outward at the back. At last flip the hair to get back to its original position and make the hair to fall flat on your head. At last the hair must have straight V-shaped layer at the end near the back of your head.

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