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Rinsing A Black Hair With Color


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A color rinse can be used to change the look of your hair and it can be very effective of you use it on the black hair. Try to follow a proper method before getting the black hair rinsed with color. Rinsing a black hair using color is not done by many people because it is not expected to give a proper hair color due the dark look of the hair.
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First rinse the hair using a warm water to make it fully saturated and wear hand gloves before starting the rinsing process. Take the hair color and mix it in a proper way by following the instructions. Place a towel around the shoulders and brush the hair to take the tangles out. Use applicator tip to separate the hair and keep it in place using hair clips. Apply the mixture on your hair in sections and make sure it is completely distributed throughout the hair from root to end. Now look at the entire hair in a mirror to check before proceeding with the styling process. Next pull the hair back a at the back of the head away from the face and leave the rinse on your hair as per the time mentioned on the styling kit. Finally rinse the hair as usual and wash it with a normal shampoo before applying the hair conditioner. Blow dry the hair with medium heat and style the entire hair as you wish.

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