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Straight Modern Bangs


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Creating straight modern bangs can give a simple look and it can be worn with any type of hair. The modern bangs can also help to highlight the eyes. Achieving this style may take some time if you have a wavy hair and you must make the hair straight first before using other styling steps. Before starting the styling process, get a proper haircut by leaving the bangs to fall in front of the forehead.
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To create this style, first comb the bangs that are in front of the head and blow dry the hair using a hair dryer. Apply medium heat on the hair to make it point towards downward. Then add a straightening serum on the bangs to make them smooth and it can also help to moisturize the hair by repairing it. Now use a flat iron on the bangs to make them straight and use medium heat. Divide the bangs into sections while straightening them and use the flat iron on each part of the bangs from top to end. You can also add more volume into the bangs by brushing the bangs using the round brush. Add a small amount of shine gel all over the bangs to make them smooth and shiny. Try to cut the bangs at least once in a month to maintain them straight in a proper way. Cutting the bangs is very important as they may fall on your eyes as it grows long.

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