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Styling Hair With Weave Wig


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A weave wig is a perfect styling product to increase the length of your natural hair. It is very easy to weave the wig along with your hair without touching the natural look of your hair. You will be able to achieve a fuller look with styling technique. You must wash the hair weave using warm water and use a wig shampoo for keeping it clean. This is the perfect way to make your hairstyle look completely different without wasting too much time.
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To begin the styling, get the preferred hair wig that suitable for your hair and then part the hair from one ear to another with a normal comb. Then secure the original hair in place to keep them away from coming out of the wig. Try to hide the natural hair pinned tightly into your scalp by using bobby pins. Now slide the front hair comb over the wig where you created the first part in your hair. Then press wig cap down to insert back comb at the nape of the neck. Try to sew the front and back hair combs into your wig and secure it into the natural hair. You can also use the bobby pins into the wefts just below the natural hair to secure your half wig. At last blend the natural hair into the wig as per your desire. Don’t use hair curler with normal setting to prevent the hair from getting damaged.

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